New Mexican Style Queso Dip, by Beverly Hicks Burch

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I’ve probably mentioned a time…or two…this Southern gal has adapted some of her cooking to please her southwestern born cowboy.

You see my Tall & Handsome was born in a little cattle town called Clovis, NM. Clovis is just over the state line and close enough to Texas that a lot of people in that part of the state talk with a Texas drawl. (Clovis is also only 100 miles from Roswell, which believe me, I give T & H a fair share of grief over…as in how many alien ships did you see growing up…or did you wear a tin foil hat when you were a little boy? All in good fun of course because when I visited New Mexico the first time Roswell was one of the places I wanted to see!)

Of course T & H has done his fair share of traveling including living in Germany and traveling South America when he worked in the oil industry. He also truly grew up in the South.

But, even with all that jet setting there was one thing you just couldn’t take out of that cowboy…and that was his New Mexican and southwestern food. Hence, my developing skills in that culinary wonderland.

Now, around my house queso and corn chips have always been pretty popular. But, being married to Mr. Southwestern himself I have now stepped into the world of queso kicked up a notch to New Mexican style. It’s one of his favorite pot luck dishes to prepare and carry when he’s on a sign up list. And, we like to have it just because…

You’ll be surprised at the secret ingredient in it…I was delighted because I happen to love this ingredient just for itself. And, it’s so easy to prepare!

New Mexican Style Queso Dip

1 can Rotel tomatoes (I like to use the one with lime juice and cilantro, but you can use any variety you like.)

1 pound Velveeta cheese (we use the white queso cheese, but have used the reduced fat 2% Velveeta)

1 can Hormel beef tamales

1. Cut cheese up into cubes and place in a microwavable dish.

2. Open Rotel Tomatoes and pour over the cheese.

3. Open the can of tamales. Remove the wrappers from each tamale and discard the wrappers. Cut the tamales into about 1 inch sections.

4. If there is any fat in the enchilada sauce in the can, remove the fat. Next pour the sauce into the dish with the cheese and Rotel tomatoes.

5. Microwave for 2 minutes. Stir and then begin microwaving in intervals of 1 to 2 minutes, stirring after each interval.

6. Right before the dip is ready, add the tamales and finish microwaving the dip. (Adding them in at this stage prevents them from breaking down, yet gets them warm.)

7. Pour into a small crock pot to keep warm and viscous while serving. (You can also make the queso in the crock pot, but it will take a good bit of time for the cheese to melt.)

Serve with corn chips.


New Mexico Queso Dip

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    Slurp ! Slurp ! Slurp ! Jes like Lawrence says… “Wunerful ! Wunerful !”

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