Posole Updated, by Beverly Hicks Burch

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You’ve heard me mention Posole a time or two. (You can click the link for the recipe.)

It’s a dish Tall & Handsome introduced to me the first year he moved to Alabama. He prepared a dish of it for my family for the first holiday season he spent with us. It seems Posole is a holiday tradition in New Mexico.

Well, T & H lost his recipe and he got to craving some pretty badly. So, good wife that I am, I did a little research, found a few recipes and came up with my own recipe. T & H says I have a good “scald” on it which is T & H speak for it pretty darn good…

We now prepare Posole just about anytime we want to during cold weather…as a matter of fact we can’t wait for the weather to get brisk to make out first big pot. We also like to make a pot to usher in each New Year…our own little New Year tradition.

Well, this past holiday season T & H and I spent apart because of work. But, this past weekend we were reunited. One of the first things I did (after a good night’s sleep!) was to get a pot of Posole going.

This time I remembered to take a picture I thought I’d share it with yall so you’d know just what the heck I’m talking about when I say “Posole”.

Don’t forget to served it with that warm buttered tortilla!

Posole & Tortilla

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