The Kitchen Has Been Quiet Lately, by Beverly Hicks Burch

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The Kitchen Has Been Quiet Lately

By Beverly Hicks Burch

The kitchen has been a little quiet lately Why? Well, I spent some time with Tall & Handsome on the Golden Isles of Georgia…also known as St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island. I’ve wanted to visit the area for years so it was a dream come true.

Of course, nearby Brunswick is like the shrimp and crab import capital of Georgia and even carries the nickname “Shrimp Capital of the World”. I can certainly attest to that…you’d almost swear the smell of seafood permeates the air. I lost count of how many seafood meals I indulged in enjoyed.

On our last night on St. Simons we decided to check out Barbara Jean’s. And, I’m so glad we did because that’s one experience I wouldn’t want to miss!

Barbara Jean’s is known for the crab cakes they serve (in two different sizes to accommodate any size appetite). T & H and I decided crab cakes were our meal for the night, especially after talking to the extremely friendly and helpful waitress. Touted as “the best” in Southern Living Magazine…I would have to say ditto!

Tasty and full of crab meat the cakes are just the right mix of other ingredients that go into the making of the perfect crab cake. Cooked to perfection, unlike some, they are not too oily or greasy. There is a wide variety of side dishes that are just good Southern cooking to make your meal complete

Barbara Jean is kind of St. Simons answer to Paul Deen. She’s authored two cookbooks which you know T & H and I just had to add to our every growing collection. I’m told you can still catch her in the restaurant on some days and like her delicious food she is a Southern original.

We polished the night off with a walk along the waterfront and down to the lighthouse. It was an enchanted evening on an early September night…

If you’re headed to St. Simons Island you can find Barbara Jean’s at 214 Mallory Street. 912-634-6500. They do ship so if you’re interested you can order at : or call 1-866-634-6500

Barbara Jean's - where we had our best dinner

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