Slow Cooker Coconut Pecan Sweet Potatoes

As I mentioned previously, cooking in the Burch house had been about ease and comfort recently for several reasons. That means our slow cooker has been getting a workout. Today’s recipe is a variation of one I found in a Taste of Home cookbook. It makes a great side dish. I’ll be using this year

Pecan Raisin Bread Recipe | Taste of Home Recipes

Pecan Raisin Bread Recipe | Taste of Home Recipes. This recipe from Taste of Home looked so yummy, I had to share. Per my usual (could I call it a need or desire, practice…) to tweak recipes, I think I might add a touch of cinnamon to the recipe!

Chicken Dinner in Foil Packets, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Chicken Dinner in Foil Packets By Beverly Hicks Burch I made this dish for dinner the other night and T & H really enjoyed it, so of course this will be on the menu again. The packets are super easy to make and clean up is next to nothing. The original recipe was in the

Broccoli Chicken Skillet Recipe | Taste of Home Recipes

Broccoli Chicken Skillet Recipe | Taste of Home Recipes. This looks totally yummy, but then again I love broccoli…T & H loves cheese and we both love chicken. My changes? I’d probably use cream of chicken soup and use the prepackaged “straw carrots” found in the produce section. I know the raisins my sound weird,

Tamale Casserole, Beverly Hicks Burch

Tamale Casserole By Beverly Hicks Burch Saturday evening when I get home from work Tall & Handsome had dinner waiting for me. It was a new recipe we had found we had decided we’d like to try. He ran out during the day to pick up the few ingredients we didn’t already have on hand.