Pesto Fettuccine with Black Olives and Roasted Red Bell Peppers

It has rained for days – actually weeks is probably more accurate. But, today is a gorgeous spring day and I’m working out on my screened in deck enjoying the weather and bird songs. The weather inspired me to whip up something that seemed appropriate for our warm up towards summer. And, I just can’t

Burch House Salad – Salad with Applewood Bacon and Raisins, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Spring and summer are one of my favorite food times. I love all the garden fresh options we have this time of the year. I’m a salad girl. Have been most of my life. But, because of a rare stomach disorder I have to be somewhat cautious about the type of raw food and fiber

Love that Yummy Corn and Lima Bean Salad, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Love that Yummy Corn and Lima Bean Salad, I wanted to share this recipe again, especially now that spring is here and I can share a picture. It’s become such a favorite at my house. Everyone who tries it usually wants the recipe and goes on to make it and receives rave reviews of their

Citrus Chicken Salad with Cheese Toast, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Citrus Chicken Salad with Cheese Toast There are some things in life that are just wrong. Like 75 – 80° temperatures in February and catastrophic tornadoes in January. But, it happens and recently, like last month and yesterday. Warm weather for me means different types of food. Lighter and fresher. Many times this means salads!

Broccoli Salad, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Broccoli Salad I’ve been making this salad for years. I think I found the original recipe in some Heart Association literature years ago. Over time I’ve tweaked it to make it a little more “healthy”. I use center cut bacon that is lower in fat and calories. I’m sure you could use turkey bacon it