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Kitchen Hack: What To Do With All Those Fresh Jalapeno Peppers you Grew

When I was younger I use to grow a fairly large garden for a suburbanite. Tomatoes, squash, beans, a fig… Continue reading »

Kitchen Hack: Microwaved Toasted Coconut

Toasting certain ingredients is used in cooking to heightened flavor. It’s a special flavor. It can be a time consuming… Continue reading »

How to Chiffonade Herbs and Vegetables

You may have seen me use the direction – “chiffonade basil”. Well, what is chiffonade? Chiffonade is a French term… Continue reading »

Kitchen Hack – How to Peel an Orange in 30 Seconds

Wanted to share this amazing video from YouTube. A great kitchen hack – how to peel and orange in 30… Continue reading »

Christmas Eve Kitchen Hack: How to Make Crushed Pineapple, by Beverly Hicks Burch

This year we did something a little different for Christmas in the Hicks-Burch family. Most of us were the walking… Continue reading »

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