Toasted Coconut and Lime Bars

Remember the other day when I shared my kitchen hack for toasted coconut? It’s done in the microwave. Well, this is the recipe I used toasted coconut in. I’m going to tell you Tall & Handsome is still raving about this recipe. It’s wonderfully easy to make – especially using the kitchen hack for toasted

OMG! Pears

In the spirit of disclosure I feel like I need to tell you I almost dubbed today’s recipe – OMG! Pears – in the Slow Cooker. I’ve had an obsession with my slow cooker lately – so much so that I’ve cooked the handle off the lid and probably need to invest in a new

Pig Pickin’ Cake, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Today’s recipe carries a strange and exotic name – you may be asking yourself, “what the heck is a Pig Picking’ Cake”!? Well, I can promise you the cake does not use pork as an ingredient in any shape or form – scout’s honor! Legend goes this way: Here in the South there is an

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Several years ago I first shared this recipe here with my readers at The BamaSteelMagnolia’s Bistro. I’ve picked up new readers along the way and thought it might by a good time to share the recipe again because it’s very fitting for this time of the year. This cookie is known as a thumbprint cookie.

Peanut Butter Brownies, by Beverly Hicks Burch

It’s easy to get into a rut, especially this time of the year. So every once in a while I like to whip up something I haven’t made before for Tall & Handsome. Years ago I use to make a peanut butter brownies with chocolate chips. It was a real winner and my son and

Sour Cream Apple Pie, by Beverly Hicks Burch

We tend to do things a little differently in the Burch household sometimes. Take birthdays for example… Today is Tall & Handsome’s birthday. Since we’ve been married I’ve made him some pretty awesome cakes for his birthday. My Red Velvet Cake, my Fresh Apple Cake and German Chocolate cakes all come to mind…and all have

Cocoa Indian Brownies (and the brownie gobbler), by Beverly Hicks Burch

Why do you cook? What was the catalyst that began your culinary journey? For me it was almost a given…it was going to be a fact…I would learn how to cook. I come from a long line of accomplished cooks. From my Momma to my Aunt LaRue and Aunt Korinne, My maternal grandmother was known