Getting Ready for Thanksgiving 2016

If your house has been as hectic as ours this year you may not have time to do a lot of menu planning, shopping or cooking. Now, I can’t do the cooking or shopping for you, but I can help with the menu planning. I’ve decided to look back at some of our Thanksgivings and

Sour Cream Apple Pie, by Beverly Hicks Burch

We tend to do things a little differently in the Burch household sometimes. Take birthdays for example… Today is Tall & Handsome’s birthday. Since we’ve been married I’ve made him some pretty awesome cakes for his birthday. My Red Velvet Cake, my Fresh Apple Cake and German Chocolate cakes all come to mind…and all have

As American as…Well, Apple Pie, by Beverly Hicks Burch

As American as…Well, Apple Pie By Beverly Hicks Burch What is your favorite pie? Mine? Well, maybe Pecan Pie…or Pumpkin…or maybe Key Lime…maybe coconut…well, darn…maybe I don’t have a favorite. I know what I don’t like…Mincemeat Pie. Even the name sounds disgusting to me. As Americans we’ve heard the expression “As American as Apple Pie”.