Kitchen Hack: Microwaved Toasted Coconut

Toasting certain ingredients is used in cooking to heightened flavor. It’s a special flavor. It can be a time consuming venture as your “toast” these ingredients in the oven every so slowly. Often it’s tempting to avoid that toasting step. Then, years ago I had read you could “toast” nuts in the microwave. You just

Minted Baby English Peas, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Minted Baby English Peas 1 can LeSuer Baby English Peas 2 springs fresh mint 2 tablespoons butter 1. Drain peas and place in a microwavable dish. 2. With kitchen shears snip the leaves of the mint into small bits and add to the peas. 3. Add the butter to the peas. 4. Microwave on high