Kitchen Hack: What To Do With All Those Fresh Jalapeno Peppers you Grew

When I was younger I use to grow a fairly large garden for a suburbanite. Tomatoes, squash, beans, a fig tree and other goodies. Nowadays I tend to do more container gardening and I’m hoping to expand that in the future. My main “crop” is fresh herbs. Right now I have basil, oregano, marjoram, thyme,

Kitchen Hack: Microwaved Toasted Coconut

Toasting certain ingredients is used in cooking to heightened flavor. It’s a special flavor. It can be a time consuming venture as your “toast” these ingredients in the oven every so slowly. Often it’s tempting to avoid that toasting step. Then, years ago I had read you could “toast” nuts in the microwave. You just

How to Chiffonade Herbs and Vegetables

You may have seen me use the direction – “chiffonade basil”. Well, what is chiffonade? Chiffonade is a French term for a technique used in cutting leafy green herbs and vegetables into thin ribbon like strips. The result is lovely green strips you can use for garnish or in a dish you’re cooking. I thought

6 Knife Techniques to Make Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

UPDATE: The knife arrived – see picture below. Already used it and so far, so good. The grooves are suppose to prevent food you chop from stacking up on the blade, costing you time as you when you have to clean the blade off. I found this handy dandy little fellow at QVC on sale

Christmas Eve Kitchen Hack: How to Make Crushed Pineapple, by Beverly Hicks Burch

This year we did something a little different for Christmas in the Hicks-Burch family. Most of us were the walking wounded this year or really pressed for time (those of you with pre-schoolers will understand that one!) This was the year the family would gather on Christmas Eve and Tall & Handsome and I would