Greek Yogurt

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Have you noticed how Greek Yogurt is every where? Have you asked yourself why?

Well there are several reasons it’s become one of the new super foods.

  • It’s packed with all kinds of vitamins and minerals.
  • The protein content is higher than even in milk. This is important for our bodies and helps nourish our bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, hair and blood. Currently we are seeing a large sector of our population age – the baby boomers – and seniors, especially people over of the age of 65 need extra daily protein to maintain body mass. Hello, Greek Yogurt!
  • It’s packed with probiotics. These are like tiny little worker bees that work to give you a healthy digestive tract.
  • Greek yogurt is high in calcium – another important need for overall body health, especially for our bones and vital organs.
  • You get about 21% of your needed dose of B-12 in Greek yogurt.
  • The texture make it a good substitute food.

Substitute food? Yep, and for a lot more thing than you would think. I’ve put together a little chart of how you can use Greek yogurt to replace other ingredients in cooking and recipes. I like to keep a large carton of plain and a large carton of vanilla in the fridge. And, I buy the Oikos which I find to be the best. I’m sure some of you probably live in areas where this type of yogurt is made fresh daily. That will work, too.

My mission of late has been to add more to Tall & Handsome’s diet. I’m mean, seriously – when I think of all those people who have roamed the steppes of Mongolia eating thick yogurt and living to be 100+ years old, well I wouldn’t mind having that kind of time with T & H. <3

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