Applewood Smoke Ham Panini with Provolone and Sliced Apples, by Beverly Hicks Burch

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Today I want to challenge you to try something you might not ordinarily try. And, that would be adding fruit to an otherwise savory dish or a food you would think of as fruitless. Let me tell you, fruit can add depth and unbelievable flavor to a dish that is out of this world.

A few recipes ago I share a pork chop recipe with cabbage, onions and apples all cooked in a bottle of larger. Heaven on a fork. I have an awesome spinach salad recipe I developed with craisins and dried cherries. And, until I developed my to-die-for Brussels Sprout recipe I wouldn’t touch them. In fact, Tall & Handsome and I had a running debate on the worthiness of Brussels Sprouts –he adored them and I called them bitter balls. NO MORE! It just took the right recipe with a handful of golden raisins.

T & H and I love to make Panini sandwiches – a fancy name for Italian grilled cheese or grilled sandwiches. You can pretty much “have it your way” as the King of Burger says. I love to add slices of apple or pears to mine. T & H will do that, too, but occasionally he’ll switch up and add roasted red bell pepper.

Using fruit in an otherwise fruitless dish is a good way to sneak a daily serving into the family diet.

A couple of weeks ago we were craving some good home made sandwiches so we loaded up on the “fixins’’, brought out the Panini maker and went to town. The result? Applewood Smoked Ham Panini with Provolone and Sliced Apples. It’s so good your tongue just may slap the back of your head!

Applewood Smoked Ham Panini with Provolone and Sliced Apples

For each sandwich you will need:

2 slices of you favorite bread (we used honey wheat)

3 – 4 slices of deli sliced applewood smoked ham per Panini

1 slice provolone cheese for each Panini

Your favorite firm apple, peeled, cored and thinly sliced, but not paper thin (I used Gala apples for these sandwiches)

Your favorite mustard – in our house I’m honey mustard; T & H is Dijon

Butter or butter substitute for the outside of the bread

Panini maker or large skillet.

Here is the finished results, and then we’ll go step by step:

Applewood Smoked Ham Panini with Provolone and Gala Apple


1. Butter the outside of the bread with butter or butter substitute (like I Can’t Believe It’s Butter)

Lightly spread butter onto bread

2. Turn bread over and spread mustard on both pieces of bread.

Use Mustard on Other Side of Bread

3. Next, add 3 – 4 ham slices.

Next Add Sliced Ham

4. The next layer is the provolone cheese.

Add provolone cheese

5. Finally, add apple slices.

Finally add slices of Gala Apple

6. Lastly, place the top slice of bread, mustard side down, onto the sandwich you have just built. Place the sandwiches in a preheated Panini maker or skillet (preheat on medium high) and grill for 2 – 3 minutes until sandwich is golden and wonderfully crunchy and the cheese is melted. (If using a skillet, you will have to flip the sandwich one time.) You now have a gourmet sandwich for lunch or dinner!

Applewood Smoked Ham Panini with Provolone and Gala Apple

©2015 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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