Sour Cream Scalloped Potatoes, by Beverly Hicks Burch

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I apologize because it’s been way too long since I’ve been able to post something. The spring and summer of 2014 have been ultra crazy. I’ve been very sick, was in an auto accident that totaled my vehicle, my 82 year daddy’s been sick and my 81 year old mom’s not been doing well either. Nine days after the accident I was in, my Tall & Handsome was in an accident at work that resulted in a broken leg/ankle and sprang knee. He has spent much of the spring and summer recuperating from that…and, we’ve had a death in the family. The good part has been out of town family visiting!

Just reading that makes me want to lay down and take a long, long nap…

But, this weekend I was ready to get into the kitchen with my souse chef, Tall & Handsome, and do some cookin’.

I had a particular recipe in mind because we had an abundance of potatoes on hand. Years ago I made a wonderful Scalloped Potato dish from scratch. I looked high and low for that recipe and have yet to find it – so I went questing again.

Today’s recipe was inspired by a Breakstone’s recipe. But, you know me – always looking ways to make recipes, tastier, easier, healthier and lower in fat and/or calories.

Sour Cream Scalloped Potatoes is a wonderful stand alone meal. Serve it with wheat bread and a salad. Or use it as a side dish or carry it to the next social function on your calendar.

It’s flexible. Last night we considered throwing in a bit of chives or – maybe even a small chopped onion next time. You may have some favorites you’d substitute, but I recommend try the recipe first and go from there.

Sour Cream Scalloped Potatoes

1 8 ounce package of low-fat cream cheese

1/2 cup low-fat sour cream

1 cup low sodium chicken broth

2 pounds thinly sliced potatoes (we did ours using a mandolin, and weighed them on a kitchen scale)

8 ounces chopped ham (I used a ham slice/ham steak)

2 – 1/2 cup grated cheese (I suggest cheddar or cheddar/Monterey Jack, which is what we used last night)

1 cup frozen peas and carrots

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

1. Preheat oven to 350°.

2. Prepare a 13 x 9 inch baking dish with cooking spray and set aside.

3. In a very large bowl cream together the low-fat cream cheese and low-fat sour cream. Gradually add the low sodium chicken broth.

4. Add potatoes, chopped ham, frozen peas and carrots, the black pepper and 2 cups of the grated cheese to the cream cheese/sour cream mixture.

5. Pour into the 13 x 9 prepared dish and spread evenly. Cook for 1 hour to 1 hour and a half hours or until the potatoes or tender. Cooking time may vary with ovens.

Sour Cream Scalloped Potatoes C

Sour Cream Scalloped Potatoes


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