Meaty Ranch Beans, by Beverly Hicks Burch

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Are you on the constant look out for a dish that will feed several to carry to a pot luck, book club, church dinner or sick friend? Then, today’s dish ought to cover that base for you.

I guess I first started preparing this dish about 20 years ago for dinner after services on Sunday night. No matter when I make it or where I carry it, I usually bring home a very empty pan. I prepared this to carry to our small group meeting the other night and one of the guys spoke up and said, “Who brought those beans tonight?”

I had to own up to them as we say here in the South. He said, “Those were the best beans I’ve ever had. You can bring those again…bring them next week, only bring a bigger pan (the dish was 13 x 9)!”

I said, “I thought that was a big dish!”

He recommended a bucket size dish next time!

If you’re cooking these for your brood, you can use the recipe as a side dish, or as the main course with a salad and warm multi-grain bread. I like to take some slice multi-grain bread from the bakery and melt a little provolone over the bread!

This dish is super easy to prepared and the pay-off is big and rewarding…and, pretty darn good!

Meaty Style Ranch Beans

1 to 1 – 1/4 pound lean ground beef (I use ground round or sirloin)

1 cup finely chopped onion

3 16 ounce cans of pork & beans (you can substitute one can and use kidney beans, but be sure to drain the kidney beans.)

1 tablespoon prepared yellow mustard

1 tablespoon vinegar (my secret “weapon” here in to use pickle vinegar from kosher dill pickles!)

1 cup ketchup

3/4 cup light brown sugar, packed

1. Preheat oven to 400°.

2. Brown meat and onions until meat is no longer pink and is brown. Onions will start to soften. Drain if you need to. Leaner meats usually don’t require draining.

3. Add remaining ingredients to a 13 x 9 baking dish. Drain one can of the pork & beans before adding it to the pan. Mix well.

4. Add browned meat and onions.

5. Bake for 30 minutes at 400°.


Ranch Beans

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