About the Bama Steel Magnolia’s Bistro

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About the BamaSteelMagnolia’s Bistro

I’m a collector…I’am a cook. Yes, the two have met and co-fed each other throughout my lifetime. On top of everything else I am Southern and proud of it! Being Southern has certainly affected my cooking and marrying a New Mexican cowboy did, too! I’m East Tennessee born and Alabama raised and both are part of my heart no matter where life takes me. Both have affected how I cook. I love to travel and that has affected how I cook.

Who influenced me to cook?

  • My mother (Mom or Momma…she answers to both) is a true Southern belle and was a huge influence. She started me on my culinary journey when I was a young girl in elementary school. Momma’s approach to teaching her girls to cook was to allow us to cook fun stuff that was reward with praise from her and Daddy. (All GRITSGirls Raised In The South have a “Daddy” and dollars to doughnuts they are Daddy’s girls.) Mom let us start out with cookies, cakes and other delights that made our eyes sparkle and chest puff out with pride  as we presented an accomplished culinary feat like a warm batch of chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies or a pan of brownies.
  • Another influence on me was my Aunt LaRue…known as “the” cook in the family. Up until the day she suddenly passed away we nattered on from time to time about cooking, cookbooks and recipes. Hers is about the only…if not my favorite…fried chicken I like. She and Momma both make the famous family recipe for chicken and dumplings.

Mom gave me my first cookbook…a Betty Crocker Cookie Cookbook. Years later she passed on to me her first cookbook. I still have it in my collection today.

Those books and my compulsion to collect (did I mention I can be a tad OCD?) started me on my road to cookbook and recipe collecting. I even have compiled my own cookbooks by placing my loosely collected recipes in binders…with dividers of course!

Several years ago I tackled the task of organizing some of my collection of recipes in one such binder. Up until that point they had been housed in manila file folders. As I shuffled through the hundreds of recipes I realized I had a gold mine collection of recipes and cookbooks…all waiting to be shared. My mind said, “Blog!”

And, that is what The BamaSteelMagnolia’s Bistro is all about! I’ve shared some of my recipes and culinary adventures in my blog A Steel Magnolia is an Iron Butterfly, but have since realized I have enough cookbooks and recipes which could take on a life of their own. Some of these recipes could even be considered “heirloom” recipes because of their age.

Here at The BamaSteelMagnolia’s Bistro I hope to share many of theses recipes and news ones. Some I’ve tried and will tell you about. Others I may share from the collection because they just look darn interesting – why else would they be there? I also hope to share some background on some of the recipes and foods and nutrition and my 40+ years of cooking experience. A couple of things you might notice I always try to do with recipes are:

  1. make healthier whenever possible
  2. enhance or kick-up the flavor – why eat cardboard, right?!

Along the way, I’ll introduce you to my husband…known as Tall & Handsome, AKA, T & H in my blogging and the rest of my family when applicable.

If you’re seeking a recipe please feel free to leave a question and I’ll be happy to go through my collection and see if it’s there…if not, I’ll try to track one down for you.

So, stop by, make you self at home, enjoy and…happy cooking!

Bev and Reggie at Vulcan

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